Tuesday, October 17, 2006


back from Italy/London.


Firenze was incredible. It and Roma. Best memories ever. Have to go back soon.
going to be painting a lot right now. more updates and travel sketches to come.



Spud said...

Cool to see you're back. Discovered your art via swallow. Awesome stuff. Glad you enjoyed Florence and rome. Lovely cities. Be good to see your travel work! I'm off to Rome in a week for work. Can't wait to get back.
Do you mind if I add a link to your blog from mine?

Love to know a bit more about your techniques I have just started analouge art again and your stuff blows me away.

Ksnatie said...

Welcome back... looks like a well deserved blast of a time.

hyena said...

Can't wait to see the travel sketches and more pictures.

Kody Chamberlain said...

Get back to work slacker! I need my fix.