Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cover process

So, before I split for Europe, I need to get out another Conan cover.
For the next week, you'll see this updated.
Here's the initial combination sketch for the piece. The drawings were done separately and scanned in the computer. Then moved around and placed where I liked the composition and could send it out for approval. Now I've printed it out, small, and projected the drawing onto the canvas and traced it there. After a quick spray of Urethane (so I don't lose the drawing) It's ready for paint.


Ksnatie said...

oooo! oooo! damn exciting! thanx for doing this!

*gawd-damn boy! ANOTHER cover? no wonder ur so fucking busy!*

Chip said...


Cardinal said...

love your conan.
And process shots.

Cardinal said...

If you don't mind me asking, what projector do you use?

Dan said...'s always fun to see the ruff me that's where everything lies.