Friday, January 04, 2013

whats left

back to people drawing.

nights can get rough. It's quiet. Not a ton of mobility. I waited to post this until I could read it in the light of the next day. It's bitter and annoyed. But it's honest. Nights can suck and not being allowed to fully get into work puts me in a dark place sometimes. I feel great today. I have a meeting about a comics project and and working on a few new drawings for a possible painting. But for full disclosure, this was the post written around 1:00 am last night:

im bored out of my skull.

drawing left handed takes so much focus and concentration. Its exhausting. I feel like 2013 started and Im on the side lines "experimenting and healing and learning". Yeah, that's nice, but Ive another 4 weeks of this shit.

I start a drawing in the morning. read a little bit. do my therapeutic exercises, then back in the sling. My friend Kent came to see me today. Went to lunch. it was nice. Haven't had a lot of artist friends visit. As artists, we tend to keep our heads up our own asses quite a bit. Hell, I do. But it was refreshing to catch up and talk.

Then I came back home.

I'm either tired or in pain.

By 10pm I just want the day to be over. I have a script to my own graphic novel ready to be thumbnailed. but  for me, thumbnailing a comic is another major part to writing it. and that means it requires a certain level of involvement and momentum. Things I cannot do left handed.

I can't write. I'm tired of hearing my own damn voice when I record it for texts and blogs.

My wife takes great care of me, but theres an entire new year beginning and I'm not able to jump in.

I'm the guy on the couch, under the blanket, with the ice pack machine on his shoulder. healing.

Im sure I'm just in a mood.

Good days and bad.

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Xenozip. said...

I know the feeling, unfortunately. Personally, I tend to seek out comedy, anything to make me laugh. And for wanting the day to be over, a friend of mine likes natural sleeping aids like Valerian root. Though, I choose to exercise instead so that I'm dead tired towards the end of the day. Eat a lot, drink a lot, sleep a lot, and try to laugh through it. When it's over, your future is sure to be a bright one.