Saturday, December 29, 2012

Left arm of the law

These next drawings were done later the same day realizing that I needed to start working on slightly larger sketchbook. This one being roughly 8 x 11 because I didn't have another hand to hold on to the sketchbook to stabilize it so I started working a little larger. These were done with a ball point pen and then later, the larger drawings, using my brush pen and white out pen. The experiment with the brush pen I thought was a fairly successful first attempt with the left hand realizing, right off the bat, that it would be a little easier to basically paint with my left hand as opposed to draw. Painting, for me, has always been much easier than drawing but as you'll see in the later posts it all starts coming along.

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Nikira said...

Drawings are good, probably very hard with the left hand. Wishing you speedy recovery and no pain. Love your paintings and especially your musician, it reminds me my favorite quote from Julio Cortazar "The Pursuer" build on saxophonist Charlie Parker's life.