Sunday, December 30, 2012

apes to the left of me

Started a new series of drawings from shots my friend and I took from a visit to the LA zoo of apes and Gorillas. Something about them makes me more comfortable working out the left hand. Starting to do limited exercises with my right arm. It was shocking to see how stiff and weak it is right now. And still hurts 70% of the day. I tend to have less patience with people and have shorter interactions because of the constant irritation.

Starting to read more, again, and that helps.

Introducing Rudy Ray Moore movies to my wife, at night, has become a great way to end the days.

Put your weight on it.

Oh! also.
She took me out to lunch after getting my stitches out. My wife that is. She pulled out her journal and said, "draw me something!" Since I started drawing apes, thats what I did. I did a few silly ones. I'll include those over the next few posts, as well.



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