Monday, December 06, 2010

new paintings in Miami now


Juan Carlos Eberhardt said...

fantástico, un maestro
expresión y sentimiento
un abrazo

bhanu pratap said...

Just loving the latest pieces, sir.
I wish to them and more of your works in person.
Thanks much for the inspiration.
Can you take a look at my work at give a crit or two?

I am also doing a small n fun online comic

I hope this doesnt seem like a shameless plug(please delete if you want), but its just a young artists wanting a few words from a wiser artist.

thanks and take care,
Bhanu Pratap

Σ.Π.Ρ. said...

I can't say a thing. It's beautiful.
I never expected that one could finally mix up comics and Lucian Freud. I... I can't say a thing.
Thumbs up and I feel guilty for not knowing you for so long.

Kan Muftic said...

huge fan, mate.

cody said...

Rad any gallery events coming up