Wednesday, April 14, 2010


SO! Working on Mikanno 2 now! Mikanno 1 is officially available and can be ordered here!
well, on the right side of the page;)

Also working on finishing the new solo show in LA for May 8 at Corey-Helford and beginning "Ghost" for Dynamic Forces today!


Anonymous said...

I know it says Mikanno 1. But is this different from the one I got a few years ago? The cover is diffrent. The one I have has your painting Perch.

JasonShawnAlexander said...

Oh yeah! This is the first one of a full on series with a new publisher. All different stuff than the previous one

Anonymous said...

SWEET! Thank you.

ivan said...

Just purchased Mikanno 1 about 5 minutes ago. I can't wait to get it. I'm glad there will be another. Cheers!