Saturday, July 11, 2009

Comic Con!

BOOTH 4407!! Come say Hi!

I'll have paintings and original art from Dead Irons and even a few pages of marvel Zombies.

I'll also have a few new paintings and tons of framed original cover art from Dead Iorns, Dead Run, and a paintined cover for Solomon Kane!

And finally, the new Mikanno volume sketchbook!


Craig said...

Sounds great! How can I get the sketchbook compliation without going to Comic-con?

skits said...

Ya me too!

Sarah Frary said...

I would grow a pair of testicles and then give my left nut to meet you there. However, perhaps another time.

Knock 'em dead, soldier.

SmilingIdiot said...

How much will the Mikanno II sketchbook be? Also, do you have copies of Mikanno, vol. I still available?

See you at SDCC!

Kody Chamberlain said...

Poured through the book several times since Comic-Con. Fantastic work, as usual.

Anonymous said...