Thursday, March 06, 2008

Check this out


Dec said...

Really enjoyed the walk through your process man. It sickens me that you work straight onto the page with ink. Sickens me with envy of course. You achieve great results with your technique; the image looks loose and spontaneous and doesn't look over-processed or over-laboured, like a lot of comic book art i see.

Looking forward to Abe Sapien #2.

All the best,


Ksnatie said...

As someone who has seen Jason at work, I just have to comment here that Jason isn't joking when he says he goes straight from rough sketches to ink. The rough sketches are so rough I can't imagine him getting any help from them other than to remember WHAT part of the story he's supposed to be illustrating. He almost completely attacks a blank page with ink. There is such devotion and drive in that act: making an artistic mark that is final and can't be erased from the get go. Either it works or it's thrown in the trash. All or nothing. But that's what makes his work so beautiful and emotive. He is definately an amazing draftsman... complex and simple, devoted and carefree all at the same time.