Sunday, January 13, 2008


After the last piece, at the end of last year, I completed a few figure study paintings. They don't really fit in with the body of work I'll be compiling this year, but i think there's some merit. I'll post the next one when i can make it a little more interesting. But there were done purely to explore the figure, get over some issues, and begin sculpting the figure better.

also, i've finally taken to revamping and updating both the and websites myself. They are VERY simple but since i am doing them, finally, myself they will be updated much more often.



Chip said...

Beautiful. Just totally beautiful. Kudos.


Lee said...

Hello Mr. Alexander, i met you a couple of years ago when you came to SCAD in Georgia. I went to your workshop and got a critique from you on my portfolio, which were both very helpful.
I have'nt kept in touch but i am moving to Santa Monica in a few weeks and i was wondering if it would be possible to visit your studio sometime.
I have some work on myspace, most of it's a year or two old but you can check that out if you want sometime.

I love the Abe Sapien artwork i've seen and eagerly wait for the release. Will it be in b/w or color?

Thank you,