Thursday, August 09, 2007

SHOW! at Corey-Helford gallery SATURDAY NIGHT!

Come on out guys.
Corey Helford Gallery

Tons of great work.
and this odd little painting of mine, as well.


Neil said...

Bad day at the office, huh? Looks amazing!

Ochyming said...


Francis Vallejo said...

Monster texture and rendering! Awesome. I must say that that ink drawing of the little kid wi tht skull balloon was one of the most influential images I've seen this summer!!
have a good one

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Love it you wicked wicked man :) Wish I could have seen it in person instead of missing it by a day (or was it hours?)

Be well!

pk said...

hey jason this is vincent we met yesterday at the mkgallery.

keep up with the good works!