Thursday, January 11, 2007

moving now....

...gaining momentum on Abe Sapien series.
After a few versions (the first was too human) of me trying to figure things out, here's one of the final versions of Abe that I'm pretty into for the series. This is more "my" Abe. Such a great character.


Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira said...

Bill Koeb, Baron Storey, Kent Williams, Dave McKean, George Pratt, and you and bill Sienkiewicz are my Fav.
Few people are good like you guys.
Oh yeah JJ Muth too.

This ones very sweet.

nick said...

very nice doodle indeed.


alberto said... I like how you loose you keep your pencils. Must save you a lot of grief when you ink. I agree with the deolcliciano guy, I'm surprised that you'r not part of the "asfa" stable.

When is Abe due?

JasonShawnAlexander said...

Barron is the nicest man alive. He's amazing, have learned tons from him. I have to love Kent cause he's my neighbor.... and one of my closest damn friends. Oh well.

Thanks so much, guys. Just so you know, In the middle of my doing Abe I will be drawing a HELLBOY comic that will be included in the new video game!!!!
As far as inking goes.... I prefer to barely pencil. The quill is SO much more organic and I'm more comfortable with it. Hell, I don't use a pencil in my sketchbook anymore;)

Anders said...

great Abe Jason!!!
I also prefer it to the first one you posted...
could we expect to see an Abe painting one day?

congs for the Hellboy comic too!!
I can't wait to see more!!!
how exciting this must be for you man!

I dig your ink works, so loosy as Alberto said, really inspiring!!

keep on inkin' in the free world!! ;)

Lee said...

Hi Jason, I met you about a year ago when you came to SCAD. I tried emailing you from your site but couldn't get it to work, but i recently found this site. Your paintings are looking really good. i look forward to seeing your Abe stories. Do you know when it should be coming out?

Bud said...

Hey Jason,
So cool to see some of your recent work. We met at SDCC, here's a pic of us to jog your memory: SDCC 2006

I love the new Abe sketch, can't wait to get my hands on this book. I've been a fan for a long time now, and this Blog is awesome, keep updating. I especially love the studio shots, it's cool to see another artist's environment.

Sorry I didn't contact you sooner after SDCC, but here I am now. :)

Jason, what's the best email to reach you at? Is it the studiosection8 address. Let me know please, I have some cool ideas that I want to run by you.


jturnbull said...

Abe has boobies! Just kidding... He looks great. Looking forward to the book. I like the slightly more vulnerable version you have here. Anyway, so yeah, I caved in and signed up for this thing to leave you comments. So, uh... hi. Give Kent a high five from me when you see him-

CCarman said...

love your work!!!

the oils in particular rock, and your pen and ink are just as impressive.


valerio said...

WOW !!!
Very very nice work!!!