Saturday, December 16, 2006

new secret...


alberto said...
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alberto said...

love it! great job man. Can't wait till it hits the stands.

Anders said...

merry christmas to you too man, your last posts are great, nice to see how your new studio is and the lot of paintings that are currently in it, they look awesome... can't wait to see them finished and to see your upcoming Abe!!!
and thanks for stopping by and the kind words.
keep it up!

Anonymous said...

can't wait for secret to come out. great stuff your showing, are you planning anymore empty zone books? merry christmas..

alberto said...

When does the secret come out? you've probably been asked before so I apologize. Just got the last issue if the escapists, it was awesome...again great work!

Merry Xmas!

hyena said...

I would live in that house.

JasonShawnAlexander said...

i would live there too;)
actually, I grew up in one close to it. ah, old souther houses in the middle of no where.

The Secret comes out in Feb. I believe.
Wha hoo!

Julien alday said...

Wow ! Thank you for drop all these updates, it's like a Christmas present for me ! ;) I look at your art from months now and I find it one of the most inspiring I have saw lately. Bravo, sir.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year, Jason.

JasonShawnAlexander said...

Thanks, everybody. Back from the holiday and painting! A week and a half away from the studio. ungh! Finished 2 small pieces and working on a dyptich and some large complex pieces.

And Abe Sapien.

And possible a cool surprise;)

And my own book.....Killing Faith...due to be published by Dark Horse.


Cardinal said...

The paintings and these new pages look great.
You're getting very prolific, which is good for us!
Will The Secret be from Dark Horse too?
Killing Faith, can't wait!

Vincent said...

That turned out real nice Man. Glad to see you doing well!