Friday, November 17, 2006


It's official! Signed the lease today! By tomorrow I will be painting.....well...moving and then painting in my new studio. It's in KoreaTown. Good neighborhood and nice space. A place I will comfortable in and not care about destroying parts of (unlike working out of my home). Kent has signed the lease to the studio space beside mine so it's gonna be like old times again....except with working privacy;)

Can't wait. Been missing working in a real space for a long time.

Also.... Talking with publishers. I will know soon if there will be an Art of Jason Shawn Alexander book for next year!




Ksnatie said...

So, who's the character in the drawing? Damn. OK, so like, from what I've seen of comic books, seems as though the girls are most often DAMN sexy and the boys look like geeks. Cute geeks, but geeks nonetheless. This character is f*cking sexy. course, knowing me he's prolly a villain. *sigh* ;)

JasonShawnAlexander said...

LOL. this is the first design for my version of Abe Sapien. A character from Hellboy that I'll be doing a 5 issue mini-series of 2 weeks.

Ksnatie said...

Great. I've fallen for an amphibian. Bastard. You and your drawings. :P

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira said...

More and more books.

alberto said...

Congratulations on your space. Having a comfortable place to work is always good. I just moved to a new house that has a basement. Biggest space that I have ever had to do artwork. Maybe I'll fiinally work big. I've done a series of about 40 pieces and they are all 10 by 13, really due to the whole packing and having to keep the house clean for the sell.

Anyway, I look forward to your Abe mini, that's awesome, and hopefully to your artbook.

You don't know me but I'm a fan of your work. Your were right about the latest escapist.


Cardinal said...

cool, dig your Sapien and the Mignola elements. A nod to him without trying to imitate.
This series is going to be good, me thinks!

Finger crossed for that art book.

JasonShawnAlexander said...


Thanks. I've seen your website before. Cool work, man.


thanks! can't wait for abe or the artbook.
painting painting painting

alberto said...

Thanks man!

Anders said...

well I thought I've post a comment on an old split-ad but it seems to have been removed...
well Jason, great Abe here (my favorite character so far and you've done him so well!)
thanks again for explaining your traditional/digital painting method, can't wait to see the all trad Conan!
the Christmas stuff disappeared too! ^^
this is weird!

best wishes for the mini series
and thanks again for sharing your art with us

JasonShawnAlexander said...

I'm a picky bastard.

i didn't want them on the blog anymore;)

posting new things soon.


Anonymous said...

You know, frog legs are pretty good with some hot sauce... ;)
Really looking forward to this one!

Man, and Conan is built! I wanna talk to his personal trainer..

Spud said...

for fooks sake dude. You need some updates!!! lol. Just kidding, hope the studio is going well. must be great to have a cool creative space to work in.