Saturday, October 21, 2006

life after...

...starting back to work. Finishing another Conan cover (I'll have to do a step by step with the next one) and starting a new one. I'm finishing the colors on The Secret. Should be all finished next month. AND....... I just received the first script of the Abe Sapien mini-series! Story and script by Mike with art by lil ol' me.

Updates and new paintings to come.



Anders said...

Wow, Abe Sapien... this sounds great!! can't wait to know a little more about it!!!
Dunno if you received my email posted a few days ago, hope you don't mind I linked you up on my blog... (by the way, I also linked your website on mine...)
I'm quite a fan of your work even if here in france it's not really easy to find'em out...
You're a great influence for me so please don't stop sharing your good artworks with us!!!
can't wait for updates!!!

Dan said...

Welcome back from you trip...New fresh ideas and a clearmind. I hope you will put all that good positive energy into producing awesome paintings as usual.Keep it up! Cheers from Montreal CANADA